Valkyrie Darkness Series

  The first in the line of succession to be revised and recovered, is the thrilling fantasy series by the Madman, Mark McQuillen. Now this isn't a total re-write, it's more like an addition of information. We've taken his novella trilogy, and expanded upon them, turning them in to full length novels. We simply added more detail and storyline to keep the readers going! Those who've already purchased the series via Kindle, will automatically get the new update. Those who purchased a paperback copy can contact us with proof of purchase and when the novels go out for paperback distribution, we'll send you a copy.

  Until then, keep your eyes open for more goodies and teasers!

Valkyrie: Darkness Awaits

   Time was but a moment. Past, present or future, it mattered not. The mirror was supposed to give the viewer a look into those moments and prolonged use could lead to insanity. Many had succumb to the mirror's effects, but Tisiphone, heir to the Valkyrie throne, had promised herself not to let it get that far. She had no choice, she had to find her mother. She had to learn from the past to prepare for the future and that mirror was her only option; but the only story she is able to see is the tale of her Uncle Gil and Aunt Mist...

   An ex-soldier, suffering from a bad case of PTSD, falls head over heals for a Valkyrie and embarks on a mission to save her realm from none other, than Tisiphone's mother, herself.
  Can Tisiphone unlock her mother's secrets through the story of her Uncle Gil? Can she handle what she sees in the mirror? She's going to have to, if she hopes to figure it all out...

Valkyrie: Darkness Rising

  The fade was known s the place between places, a realm in which time held no meaning and the memories ran rampant. This was where Tisiphone found herself, locked in a battle between past and present, desperate to unlock all the mysteries surrounding her mother. It is in that void, that Tisiphone must learn her next lesson, as did her Uncle Gil, so long ago. The Verse is not always as it seems, and neither is the darkness...

Valkyrie: Song of Darkness

  Knowing the truth and understanding that truth, were two totally different things; and for Tisiphone, that meant trouble. She was so close to discovering what it was that had driven her mother mad, she could taste it, but what does one do when that sweetness is laced with even more secrets?
  Like her Uncle Gil, Tisiphone has a lot to learn, but will she be as willing as her Uncle to accept what was, and what should be? Will the truths uncovered help her find her mother, or start a war between blood that has flowed since the dawns of time?
  Some secrets are just too dark to handle

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