"What is a Petal? What does a Petal do? What protects a Petal? These are all questions one must answer, if they are ever to gather in the garden with the Rose. Now, to reveal this information would be treason, for the Petals are the Isle' best-kept secret and to know too much, could land you in grave danger. Still, we find it necessary to at least share with you some of the stories gathered within the garden, for who knows, you may one day have a secret of your own to offer, and the Petals are always listening."

  Fortunately, we are not the Guild. We are not going to sentence you all to life in the Void if you utter word or our existence, nor will we try to seduce the secrets from you and use them to further our grasp on the Verse; but hey, as the lady said, the Petals are everywhere and I've already said too much. So, for now, enjoy and know that there will be more! We may not be able to tell you what the Petals do, but we can tell you a little of how certain Petals came to be...


Ezrianna had no idea what she had gotten herself into, what she did know, was that she loved Amber and would do whatever it took to keep their secret. All she wanted, was to love Amber.

   But when the darkened past rears its ugly head in more ways than she can count, will Ezrianna be able to handle the truth? Or will she get lost in the chaos of a madman named Elijah, and a world she never thought possible?

And Coming Soon...

  Ambrosia held a secret far darker than Ezrianna ever could have expected, and now she feared for Ezrianna's life. Her fate was in Ambrosia's hands and Ambrosia needed some serious help if Ezrianna was to survive what awaited her.
  She'd already been through so much, how could Ambrosia expect her to suffer more, if only for them to be together? Her world wasn't ready for Ezrianna just yet, and Ezrianna was nowhere near ready to get lost in chaos?
  What will it take to ensure Ezrianna's safety, if Ambrosia can keep her safe at all?