Welcome to The Black Rose

  "The Black Rose is more than just a brothel, it's a guild; and one of many! Inside each one is an assortment of souls who live for one thing; one, purpose..." The Valkyrie paused, admiring the handcrafted plaque beside the door.
    "You did what, with a whore house?" The Demon grinned, his eyes lighting up as his mind began to spin.
    "They're not whores, they're Petals!" Malice snapped back at him and rolled her eyes. "Not every Petal is the same, you know? And yet each one stands to fortify the Rose as a whole. Each one is unique, bringing with them the strength and skills of many different races!"
   "They're still whores!" Nyx chuckled.
   "Some may fancy the flesh, while others strive only to grasp at the secrets revealed a midst those bouts of pleasure. Each one knows that in that sin filled moment of passion, not even the deepest and darkest of secrets can remain hidden!"
    "And they gather these secrets for you?" The Demon cocked his brow.
    "When the nights are cold and lonely, is it the coin in your pocket that warms your bed, my friend? Or the sensual touch of a female so desperate for your body, that the cold seems so weak when compared to the shudders that erotic caress can send down your spine?"
    "Wait, what? How the hell..." Nyx muttered, scratching at his head. He'd heard a lot of things, but this was nuts.
   "She took the whorehouses, and gave the whores purpose! They trade in something more valuable than gold and jewels now!" The Angel grinned and nodded his head. "That's quite the empire, Malice! I'm impressed! People will pay a pretty penny for what's said behind closed doors; or rather, moaned!"
   "Everyone has a tale for the Rose!" Malice smiled back at him, and made her way through the door. "And my Petals are always listening!"

" If you don't know what a Petal is, I don't think we can be friends...."

  Even now, the Petals are out in force, protecting the Verse, learning the deepest and darkest secrets of their enemies. They will scavenge every brothel, seek out every hovel and lord's keep they can find. There is no place they won't travel to learn of that which drives the fear into the hearts of their targets. Lust, love, betrayal and more, await you as the Petals come forth and explain, in depth, the chaos that compels The Guild of The Black Rose.
  Stories, recorded by the Guild and brought forth for our readers to see, in hopes that they too, will soon understand that the Verse is not what it seems; it lies in peril. Only together, can we uncover the secrets and push back the darkness that haunts us...

  And so, together, we have taken to the page and we have written more than any one man could bear. We have worked together to bring these stories to life and in doing so, created an adventure that strikes at the hearts and minds of many. We give you....

The Tales From The Petals

  Written in our private group, The Black Rose Guild, by many an astounding, aspiring author, are the journeys less spoken of, yet they too, hold great value to the Verse as a whole. Join with us, as we discover what really happened to Malice and Marena, and how their love for one another lasted centuries. These stories have not yet been published, but we felt it necessary to at least share a touch of what is in store. 

  From authors Mara Reitsma, Mark McQuillen, Davina Purnell, Mary R. Woldering, Aaron Henley and more, come the Tales of the Petals, and a look into the five-thousand years of darkness that Malice and Marena endured...

IntoTheShadows ebook.png

  Malice had lost it all. Her family, her home, her memory; but in that loss she gained a new purpose, one named Marena. Hosted to the champion, Marwolaeth, and neither unable to remember what was, they must persevere through all that their master asks, if only to grasp a glimpse of the truth.
  Marena had been raised to sit on the Shadow Throne by Queen Anaxa herself, but now, she must sit in the Shadows, a mere puppet to the Master of Darkness. She must learn to control her own Host, before she could ever hope to control the Shadowlands.
  Broken and missing the memories of their youth, can Malice and Marena triumph over a master with secrets so deep, it could leave the Shadowlands at risk for war? Can they see the truth and take back what was theirs, or will they be forced to live as slaves to the new master of the throne?


Into the Shadows
Mask of Darkness

  Having been separated from one another, Malice and Marena learn that Lord Pathen does indeed have his own plans, making it even harder for them to keep their promise to Queen Anaxa. On opposite sides of the Verse,  and with very little help, they must overcome their latest trials and find their way back to one another, or risk the chance that Pathen's hold upon the throne will grow too great.
  The Shak'Morikai gen Marwolaeth, or the Five Sins of Marwolaeth, have been left without a leader and for the first time in many years, their rage burns brighter than the stars in the sky.  Grounded and forced to carry out the orders of another, the five embark on a quest to see Malice and Marena returned, no matter how angry it makes their lord. Marlowaeth is one of them, and they will not rest until she is back in the Shadowlands, safe and secure. 
  Will they be able to reunite in time, and defend Sha'vek from the winged beast? Or will Malice and Marena return to find the Shadowlands in chaos, a chaos set loose by their own dark lord?

Den of Whispers

  Malice had seen enough to know that the Queen's worries had been warranted, and if Anaxa was ever to return and claim her throne, Lord Pathen would have to be eliminated; but how was she to see his end delivered, if she was to serve so far from Shadowkeep? How could she protect Marena, if she was on Teranna playing with pups, and as second to a half-Goblin reject named Zander? What had the Verse come to?
  Marena is furious. Locked away in her chambers within the Shadowtower, she is nothing more than a slave, a pet for the pathetic Lord Pathen. He has taken over the Shadowlands and no one dares to disobey him, save for the Shak'Morikai. It had become quite clear that she needed an army of her own, one that would obey her orders, her wishes; and Marena was determined to see that army rise to glory with the help of the Shak'Morikai, and they would wipe Lord Pathen and his lies from existence. 
  Will Marena's plans pull through, or will her dark lord find yet another way to obstruct the justice she so desperately wanted to serve him? And can she do it, before Malice returns from the madness she was sent into, bringing Pathen a ravenous horde like no other to quench his ranks? There was only one way, and no matter how sinful it felt, it had to be done. Marena had to find a way into Pathen's heart if she was ever to have a hope in controlling the beast within him.

  The Petals are always writing, and as the story continues, we'll  be adding spicy bits and pieces to our members only area, which is currently under construction. Once it is completed, you will be able to find more of the story inside, as well as sinful snippets from some of our other stories! There are over fifteen books in various stages of being written, edited, revised or recovered. We honestly did't think it would get this big, and well, when the story grows, so too must we. 
  So, keep your eyes peeled for more to come from The Tales of The Petals, and don't forget to have a peek at the other pages too, for the whole Verse is connected and you will find characters from all over joining in the fun.