In the beginning, there was The Valkyrie Darkness Series and the We Are The Devil's Daughters Trilogy, and in them we met Malice, Mist, Zahara, Madrina, Euphamia, Nyx, Nissa, Markus, Belvaya and many more... 
  Two, separate worlds in a universe so vast, it was only a matter of time before our characters ran into one another, but who would have thought it to be a War of Villains, or that it would take place on a planet called Teranna, or what the Humans call, Earth? 
  A game set up by a master wanting nothing more than the best in his armies. A game in which they were all players and the gold inside Fort Knoxx was but one prize.  Malice had spent two hundred years looking for Marena and when she heard that her lost love would be competing on Earth, she had to seek her out; the problem, was that Marena did not remember Malice and to even get her to look at her, Malice had to win the competition.
  It was an online event, where we were to bring our nastiest villains to fight for the win. It was all fun and games really, until a clown arrived and started spewing hateful words at the residents of a small town, threatening to do away with all the children... Malice couldn't stand for that, and in vanquishing the clown she again felt the strength of darkness run through her and found Marena's eyes upon her once more. Pathen did not like this and Malice was forced to search for Marena again....

  And this is where the crossover begins, two-hundred and fifty years after the last Valkyrie book. Malice has come to her senses and returned home, only to find it a home she cannot remember. Pathen has left his mark on her and try as she might, she just can't get Marena out of her mind...


All of the below are scheduled to be revised in the coming months, but worry not, it's only to correct any oops mistakes in spelling and such. They will also be recieving new covers, so keep looking back here for more!

   Banished from the Order, for breaking their most sacred law and saving the life of another, Navina remembers nothing; but the visions that plague her. Written on pages were the words of days past, and those yet to come. That book, and the visions recorded inside, were but a journal; and Navina, was the key.

    Lync, had no family and knows nothing of where he came from. He does know, that his female is something special. He knows that she harbors a dark secret, but his love for her is stronger than ever, and he would die before letting his Navina suffer. 'Write it all down...' He'd told her. 'Let it come...'

    Together, with the help of a Witch, a smooth talking Demon and his mate, a Valkyrie with a mission of her own, they will find the answers they are looking for; even if it takes them beyond the Rift. The stories contained within that book, could guide them to places they could only imagine; and unlock the mysteries surrounding Marena, and the enemy from the other side. 


  Navina had learned much in such a short time, and yet there was still more that she needed to know. So many questions that just had to have answers; but she had help now. A Demon and his mate. A Witch, she had come to call friend, and a Valkyrie, whose own quest had brought them all together.

   Malice had spent months searching for Marena, only to find her locked in an endless slumber; and in the care of an old friend. Her heart ached for the love she had lost, her soul crying out, over the injustice of it all. Marena had been but a pawn in the enemy's grasp, but to Malice, she had been so much more; unlocking the wonders and releasing the darkness the Valkyrie had harbored within.

   Now that very same enemy, is threatening the whole Verse, and Malice will stop at nothing to unlock the secrets in Navina's mind; with the help of some new, and old friends. Together they will endure, whatever the Eno'tai send forth in the next wave, and they will find the answers they seek; for if they don't stand up and fight, then who will?


   Malice had made the ultimate sacrifice, in hopes of gaining insight into the whereabouts of Pathen. For years she had searched for the truth, and a way to rid her Verse of the evil that plagued it; and now she stood one step closer to her goal. Trapped in a world much darker than The Null itself, she will have to fight her way to freedom, she'll have to be smarter, stronger and faster. She would have to lay everything on the line, if she was to come out victorious; but could she?

   Nyx was lost without his female. His Euphamia. The world crumbled around him, forced to wait for word from within the prison. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. Malice and Euphamia weren't meant to be imprisoned; so what had gone wrong? And how, was he going to get them out?

   Time was ticking, and the longer they waited, the faster the threat from the Eno'tai grew. What was it going to take, to make the Verse safe once more? What secrets awaited them? And what would peace, really cost?

Distorted Pasts

  Life never seemed to give them a break! One catastrophe after another, a never ending stream of chaos; but what did one expect when the fate of the Verse rested in their hands?
  How did one cope with all the secrets and lies? How did one know which of the rule to follow and which to ignore, when nothing was as it seemed?
  The Verse is in chaos, the enemy at the door, and Malice and Euphamia have to figure out what's really going on before it's too late. The Eno'tai are here, and all has broken loose. Who will fight? Who will stand with them against all odds? And who will betray them?

And Coming Soon...
Illusions of the Present

  Everything she'd known had been a lie. All of it, lies, but beneath those lies lurked the horrifying truth and Euphamia was not about to let that truth, that fear, eat away at her. There was an enemy out there, more powerful than any doubt she held within, and it was her time to fight; even if she had to do it in another Verse, and alone. 
  Malice could feel the turmoil inside Euphamia, but tasked with a mission of her own design, she sets out to unlock more of her past, and in doing so, brings about a change that is so desperately needed to swing the tides of war in her favor.
  Now, in their greatest time of need, will Malice and Euphamia be able to pull themselves together and face what comes next? Will they ever feel normal again?